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Clear your head of daily stress by distracting yourself with the perplexing puzzles of "Once Twice Thrice". Moms, Dads and kids can all play and enjoy this original puzzle game for your PC.
Get the free download and see for yourself!

Meet your companions: Discover your world Beware your enemies
Three brave wizards Many types of terrain Over a dozen enemies
Three brave and powerful wizards must face countless dangers in Once Twice Thrice. You will come to their aid. A living, breathing world that's as beautiful as it is dangerous awaits your exploration. A cadre of fierce enemies may be intimidating, but you'll learn to out-smart each and every one on your path to victory.

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"Once Twice Thrice is a Great Game for the Whole Family"

  • Children enjoy the fun wizards and charming enemy characters.
  • Adults are challenged by the interesting puzzles.
  • Everyone appreciates the intuitive interface.. i.e. fire burns trees, and water dowses fire. There's no complicated tools or devices to study over.
  • You have the freedom to play with the mouse or the keyboard. Use whatever works best for you.
  • Fifty puzzling levels provides lots of entertainment, so you get plenty of bang for your buck.
  • No penguins were harmed in the development of this game.

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Game Features

Full Version Extras

  • Three powerful but friendly wizard heroes, each with their own abilities and liabilities
  • Three elemental magic spells
  • More than a dozen different types of enemies
  • Many different types of terrain
  • Beautiful hand-drawn graphics
  • 10 Levels available in the Free Demo
  • Built-In help system, just right-click anywhere on the screen
  • LOW system requirements. Any PC less than 7 years old should run "Once Twice Thrice" with no problems
  • 50 challenging levels you can play in any order
  • Tremendously addictive "let me try just one more time.." T-Rex Valley levels
  • A challenging end-game boss!
  • Very quick download (2.3MB).. just a few minutes even on very slow modems
  • Sixty-day unconditional Money-back Guarantee

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