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Your adventures in Once Twice Thrice are made all the more rewarding by a host of enemies that will be both obstacles to your progress and keys to your success.

Enemy Description


Righties are persistent, but not very smart. They constantly march forward, and turn to the right when they encounter and obstacle. They're useful for many things like flipping switches or as T-Rex bait.


Lefties exhibit the same remarkable intelligence as Righties, except they turn left when they encounter an obstacle.


Termites move toward trees and very quickly devour them before moving on to the next.


The Torchguys will move towards trees, like Termites, but they'll turn each tree into a roaring fire before moving to the next.


The T-Rex is the fiercest of all enemies. They can walk through fire and over trees and will move toward anything that gets too close. Be very careful around these hungry carnivores.


Firefrogs will run from Skimlet's water spell and should they cross ice, will melt it into water.


Fungoids are poisonous mushrooms that will spit their deadly spores at any living thing that gets in their path vertically or horizontally.


Penguins will run from fire (magical or natural), and they can freeze water into ice, making bridges over the waves.


Sitz is sleeping his days away, and he always seems to be in the way. Sitz are all too often unpleasantly awakened by hungry T-Rexes!


Sharks can only live in the water. Skimlet the blue wizard must make sure to walk around them or he will be magically transformed into fish food


Cacti move toward water. Skimlet the blue wizard can reposition them with his water spell.


Monkeys sit in trees and force Howard the green wizard to watch his step.

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Three brave wizards Many types of terrain
Three brave and powerful wizards must face countless dangers in Once Twice Thrice. You will come to their aid. A living, breathing world that's as beautiful as it is dangerous awaits your exploration.

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