• 03-22-10 : Play over 12,000 free nonogram, logic art puzzles!
    We call them GLYPHIX.

  • 02-08-09 : Go behind-the-scenes with our upcoming fantasy puzzle
    epic in our Hero Glyphix development blog

  • 07-27-07 : www.heroglyphix.com is live! Visit the site for free
    daily logic puzzles, lively forums, puzzle designing and more.

Glyphix Puzzles at www.heroglyphix.com!

Launched July 27th 2007, www.heroglyphix.com is a free daily puzzle gaming site that encourages gamers of all ages to stretch their logic muscles and try their hand at designing their own puzzles too!

We thought this would be a great opportunity to get people playing picture logic puzzles (a type of game that has had all kinds of different names in the past; griddler, picross, nonograms, descartes enigma... and now has a new name that's very important to us: Glyphix.

This site is specially optimised to be playable from Nintendo's Wii internet channel as well as all major PC browsers! We grew up on Nintendo entertainment so although our games are currently only due for release on the PC, we want to share the love.

Come on over and discover the fun of this addictive puzzle formula. While you're there, you might find a hint or two to a certain game we've been working on for the last five years.

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