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Once Twice Thrice can be played with the mouse or with the keyboard. Mouse control is made obvious by a "smart" cursor that shows your options at any position on the game screen.

The color of the hand cursor represents the wizard that's currently under control:

Matthius:  Left-click to walk, right-click for fire magic Howard: Left-click to walk, right-click for tree spell Skimlet: Left-click to walk, right-click for water spell Left-Click to Walk.
Right-Click to use Magic.
Matthius:  Right-click for help info Right-Click for Help whenever you see the ? symbol.
(Or press F1 for help at any time)

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Keyboard controls are also very obvious and easy to use:
(keyboard controls are also fully configurable from within the game).

Arrow Keys
(up, down, left right)
Move Wizard
(up, down, left, right)
Enter Cast Spell
Right-Shift Change Wizard
Right-Ctrl Turn on the spot
ESC Pause/Options menu

Meet your companions Discover your world Beware your enemies
Three brave wizards Many types of terrain Over a dozen enemies
Three brave and powerful wizards must face countless dangers in Once Twice Thrice. You will come to their aid. A living, breathing world that's as beautiful as it is dangerous awaits your exploration. A cadre of fierce enemies may be intimidating, but you'll learn to out-smart each and every one on your path to victory.

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