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The O.T.T. Universe

Why not create a place where we could set all of our games? A vast and historied fantasy land whose mysteries can evolve and change over time, with a continuity of characters and places that people will enjoy coming back to. That's the idea we had in mind when we started work on the O.T.T. Universe, named after our first release Once Twice Thrice and its Water, Earth and Fire wizards who work together.

The types of game will change, from puzzle, action, strategy or wholly new ideas, heroes and villains will rise and fall and the settings can dance around in space and time - but when you see the OTT seal you know you'll be experiencing part of a larger tapestry of interwoven ideas and stories set in familiar surroundings.

There's a dedicated place for OTTU discussion: Come visit the Axe and Stump tavern to get the inside word - if you're brave enough...


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